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Amazon Prime – isn’t it now really just Free Shipping no matter how long it takes?

I’ve been noticing how Amazon Prime has changed whether recently or have for a while I don’t recall.

Amazon Prime has really been ubiquitously associated with Free 2 Day shipping. No matter where you are, no matter how many goods you ordered, 1, 2, 3, 5, etc. I suppose there’s an upper limit somewhere. Well, there are exceptions to the 2 day delivery, but for the most part, metropolis and goods are within a 2 day delivery reach.

It turns out there are some fine prints now that delivery times are dependent on where the goods and the destinations are. Those factors may cause the delivery time to exceed 2 days.

In my case a very simple can of “Scotchgard Water and Sun Shield with UV Protector, 1 Can 10.5 Ounces” will arrive Friday Oct 5th, 2018. However, it was a Prime goods and supposedly guaranteed to deliver in 2 days. It was ordered Oct 1st. So Oct 3rd, no?

Well, no, it turns out it is still free shipping but the delivery date is now Friday Oct 5. 4 days later from the order date.

So Amazon, what else might you have changed? Breaking contracts as you slip in these changes?

The solution for me is simple, filter and choose the “Get it today”, or “Get it tomorrow” options for shipping. I now never filter by “Prime” anymore. You never know when you’re gonna get your order.

Another solution for me is to buy locally than wait for Amazon to deliver in 5 days. I can just go take my car and get it in 10 minutes. Hey now, isn’t buying locally Amazon’s market to take away? Its competitor? The reason many small stores go under and close?

For a particular Prime order, I now still have an order in transit for 2 months still out there somewhere. I think it’s time I pulled the plug on that one and let Amazon and the seller figure out what the heck happened 🙂 This is nuts.