Referral codes for Uber Riders and Drivers

I recently became an Uber driver part time to supplement my income for my gadget toy fund. The results have been great, there’s money for the toys and additional left over. The additional income could potentially be used to buy a car.

However, I’ve calculated the budget and Uber driving is definitely not something that is feasible to do full time (at least here in Seattle). It works well only part time where you already have a primary job.

Uber drivers can provide referral codes for riders and drivers. For riders, the codes can provide a discount when first registering an account with Uber. For divers, the codes can provide a guaranteed amount of money when first registering an account with Uber.

You can only use this code once and when you sign up as a rider or driver.

For drivers Uber says you can potentially earn a guaranteed earnings of $300 per this site (note that the link is generated, it may stop working at some point): Driver Sign-Up Guaranteed Earnings.

For drivers a minimum amount of trips are required. Based on information on the web the guaranteed earnings can be between $500 – $1300. I would assume UberX is $500.-

For riders the bonus is less rewarding but pretty cool if the rides are short. Sign up with the code and Uber says the rider get $2 off the first 3 rides. Once the rider take the first ride they get $5 off the next ride.

Note that these codes only work for first time drivers and riders.

Enjoy your ride! My referral code is u93xh

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