Monthly Archives: July 2019

Cheating Uber

As I’ve written before, I drive Uber once in a while to save funds for pet projects. In that time, I’ve noticed a few ways that riders cheat Uber.

The first is requesting a trip for a short destination. This gets the passenger an inexpensive ride. While en route, the passenger changes the destination to the actual intended destination which is further away. Uber accepts this without changing the original fare, woohoo.

The second is a refinement of the first one but instead of changing the destination once, the passenger changes the destination multiple times to make multiple stops. The passenger would enter destination 1, on arrival tell the driver to wait a few (“3 minutes tops, just to pick up my bag”), once back the passenger changes the destination to another stop and so on. Uber accepts this as well without extra fares.

For me, the driver, I get paid by the mile and time, so I don’t care whether they do this or not. So long as I don’t get stiffed on my pay.

Now don’t try this on your own. Uber and Lyft might have fixed cheating this way. You could get banned from riding them.